I/We, the undersigned hereby declare and warrant that the statements and particulars given by me/us in this PROPOSAL FORM are all complete, true and accurate to the best of my/our knowledge and belief. I/we understand that the insurance policy to be issued by SGI Philippines General Insurance Company, Inc. (the “Company”) is based upon my/our declarations, statements and particulars under this PROPOSAL FORM, and that the Company shall have NO LIABILITY under the insurance contract should these declarations, statements and particulars, or in any other documents which form the part and parcel of the insurance contract, be found to be incorrect, untrue, false, or misleading on any matter, or to suppress material information. I/We accept all the terms and conditions mentioned in this PROPOSAL FORM and agree to abide by the same. I/We, further undertake that I/we have read and understood the policy wordings which are duly available on the website of the Company and hereby agreed to receive the Insurance Policy and/or Certificate of Insurance.